The Problem With Fitbits

November 16, 2016

While on the train last weekend, I overheard some women talking about their fitbits. One of them said something along the lines of, “I love how I can see how many steps I’m taking with it. Makes me feel so healthy.”

Obviously, being a mere observer to their discussion, it wasn’t my right to say “Well…”, but I’m going to do so here. There’s nothing inherently wrong with fitbits. They’re pretty much precise pedometers. The problem lies in that woman’s perception of exercise. Exercise is planned physical activity done in order to become strong and healthy. Regular walking to and from work or school isn’t exercise. It’s necessary movement to get from point A to point B. If you’re exercising, you’re doing extra work, extra physical activity. Whether that’s going on a prolonged walk, lifting weights, or a yoga routine.

The best way to effectively use your fitbit is to not wear it during your regular walk, unless you just want to see how many steps you’ve taken. Rather, wear it when you’re going on your exercise walks or runs to track your steps. That way you can differentiate between your extra steps from your normal ones. I think the fitbit, while a tad expensive, can certainly be a handy device. It’s just a matter of proper application.





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