My Dream Body


December 7, 2016

The woman in the image attached is Akali, a champion from the videogame League of Legends, and she’s one of my fitness inspirations. A disciplined warrior of the Kinkou order, her agility, speed, and strength motivate me to better myself. I want my thighs to look like hers, to have more definition in my arms, to have that fantastic level of speed and flexibility she masterfully commands. My boyfriend sometimes jokes that I want to be Akali, and perhaps I do on a minor level. In short, Akali’s figure is my dream body.

Growing up, I’d hear adults and beauty sites saying to not compare myself to others, and that striving for a look similar to those I admired was discouraged in fear of inciting insecurity and anxiety concerning my body. While I understand the reasoning behind that way of thinking, I feel that it’s a tad too cautionary. With a healthy mentality and realistic expectations about the results you’ll get, aspiring to maintain a body type you find appealing only benefits you. An example of said realism is the overall shape of your fit body. Even when in peak form, some bodies naturally develop leaner or more muscular frames depending on their body type. Using myself as an example, even when I look my best and my body overall mimics that of Akali, my chest will never be her size without the assitance of a push-up bra, and that’s something I’m totaly okay with.

When beginning your fitness journey, you may do so mindlessly, which is perfectly fine. It’s normal to work out and eat healthy for the sake of doing so without a specific goal in mind. I’ve found, however, that people who don’t keep a goal to strive for tend to give up and their enjoyment towards being healthy fades. After losing passion, they settle into a lull of not working out until something comes along to spark a temporary desire to better themselves. Due to the temporary nature of said inspiration, a cycle of fitness and procrastination ensues. Therefore, finding that goal you really want to work towards makes all the difference in terms of making fitness and exercise a lifestyle rather than a chore.

It’s not necessary for a person (or videogame character in my case), to be what motivates you. It can be the desire to move without being in pain, to live long enough to see your grandchildren, to do parkour or play your favorite sports. Whatever your reason is, let it guide you towards your fit lifestyle. Eventually, eating right and consistent exercise becomes your normal, and that’s when transformations start.




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