My Gym Workout Routine

December 10, 2016

Today, I headed to the gym for the first time in a while with some friends. I had such a great time, worked myself hard, my body is sore, but I feel amazing. Although I tend to exercise at home or outside, I’ll occasionally go to a gym due to the sheer enormity of space available and that there are way more dumbbell weights available than what I have at home (definitely want to get a broad range of weights sooner than later). Though not all gyms are created equal, I hope that my routine proves helpful!

To warm up and get my cardio done, I run a mile on the indoor track in temple-run style. Like the once popular mobile phone game of the same name, the purpose of the temple-run style is to gradually increase your speed. My first lap is a light jog, and I focus on extending my limbs while running to stretch them out. The following laps get faster and faster until I’m in a full sprint. After the sprint lap, I gradually slow down for each lap, until my last lap is a brisk walk.

The bulk of my workout is strength training. I start off with bicep curls with whatever size dumbbells are challenging to lift, but that I can still use without ruining my form; currently, that’s 15lb ones. Following the bicep work, I’ll take a single dumbbell and do triceps extensions. Next, I bench press with a friend, gradually increasing the weight and lowering the reps until I can only do one of the heaviest weight I can handle. Today, for example, I started with a 40 pound bar with 6 reps, and ended with the bar at 70 pounds and 1 rep. I also did lateral and frontal raises with dumbbells, and squatted with them and  then with a bar.

Usually, my routine ends there, but my friend convinced me to use a rowing machine, in which I enjoyed the range of motion and the tension I worked against. However, this isn’t something I typically do. After that, I did basic cool-down stretches so that my body wasn’t so tight. In total, the routine took two hours.

When in the gym, I mainly focus on strength training as opposed to cardio. However, my general weekly exercise is a balance between cardio, strength, and flexibility, which I’ll likely detail in another post. Happy exercising!





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