My 2017 Goals

December 30, 2016

My apologies for the absence. I’m home for winter break and have spent a lot of time relaxing and gaming. The new year is upon us, and I wish to divulge my 2017 goals. Feel free to share what your goals are in the comments below! Let’s motivate one another!

  • Learn how to belly dance

I’ve always found belly dancing very enticing, and decided I want to take up the art. Egyptian and Moroccan styles interest me in particular, but I’ll definitely delve into other varieties like the Lebanese and Tribal ones.

  • Continue improving in university

I’m doing alright so far in university, and I want to continue improving. Education means a lot to me, and my successes now will have an impact on my future prospects in the field I wish to go into.

  • Be able to bench 100 pounds and squat 70 pounds

I’m pretty happy with my body, but if I want to eventually achieve and maintain my Akali-style dream body, I need to be a tad stronger than I currently am. Last time I went to the gym for 2016, the most I was able to bench was 70 pounds. My squatting max was 50 pounds before I began losing form. I want to increase my strength so that I can lift heavier.

These are my primary goals for 2017. Having too many goals in mind will make it near impossible to achieve them over the course of the year, which is why I restrict it to three. I look forward to writing more, growing as a person, and sharing my insight. Happy new year!




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