The Importance of Respecting Yourself

January 9, 2017

Yesterday, I browsed the Internet for sites giving advice on taking care of 4c hair, given I recently got a haircut and I want to improve my hair’s health. I came across quite a few helpful articles and tidbits, but it was this piece of advice from Jessica Pettway on Curly Nikki that really spoke to me. It reads:

“Don’t think negatively about your texture. Embrace it and your hair will love you for it.” 

For the vast majority of my life, I detested my hair. It’s thick, prone to drying, and very time consuming to maintain. But at the same time, it’s my hair. If I constantly stress, or wish it grew faster instead of taking the time to be intimate with my hair and really get to know it, how will I be able to appreciate it? African hair, like any other, will fall out if one gets anxious, so why put that extra pressure on myself? What you send out will come back to you, so send yourself positive vibes!

Reading those words from Jessica put me a step in the right direction, and I hope it does so for you, too! Whether your insecurity comes from your hair, legs, abdomen, or anywhere else, her words can and should be received. Remember that respecting yourself, acknowledging room for improvement, and then taking the appropriate steps to get yourself in the right direction is incredibly important. Self discipline and criticism are by no means wrong, but it’s possible that we are sometimes too hard on ourselves, and it may take an outside perspective to make us aware of that. In my case, it was my boyfriend who told me. Not everyone may have someone watching over us, however, so sometimes it’s up to us to be on the lookout. The world is already a harsh place; a little self esteem boost never hurts.




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