How to Guarantee Workout Consistency

January 19, 2017

As we’re a little over halfway through January, this is the time that many give up on their new year resolutions. If you’re still hanging on, congratulations! If you find yourself fading away from your fitness goals, hold on! I’ve got a bit of advice that may prove useful.

Oftentimes when people create a set of goals, they make too many. People don’t change with the snap of a finger. Incorporating fitness is a gradual process and when done properly, becomes a part of your lifestyle rather than this separate entity you force yourself to partake in.

The key is making sure you do something on your workout days. Let’s say your routine is cardio, strength, yoga, cardio, strength, and break for two days. But what if after your first cardio day, you’d rather do yoga instead? Go ahead and do the yoga. Sure, it doesn’t strictly adhere to what you’ve set out, but at least you’re getting up and moving. We don’t always stick to our plans, but we’ll feel significantly better if we get something done. Even though I’ve lived an actively healthy lifestyle for nearly half my life, I have days where I put down the weights and do a HIIT workout instead. Your mind may have a plan, but your body sometimes has other plans. Be sure to listen to what it tells you.




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