Teas for Health

March 25, 2017

Taking control of your health starts from what you consume. Teas have various properties that can be utilized to better your physical health. I compiled a list of the teas I commonly drink, their benefits, and how I personally prepare them. Feel free to share your own herbal knowledge!

Black: All-around benefits

Black tea is a very broad, generalized category of tea. This goes from English and Irish breakfast, to orange pekoe and many more. I don’t drink black tea for its benefits, per say, but rather for general enjoyment. What black tea does offer, however, are antioxidants, which protects your DNA from damage (aka, cancer fighting). I drink black tea with cream and sugar.

Chai: Anti-Inflammatory

I absolutely love chai. It’s incredibly flavorful due to the blend of cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, and more. Beyond tasting incredibly robust, chai has anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it especially good if you’re suffering from a stuffed nose and other types of inflammation. I add a bit of cream to change the color, and occasionally add a touch of sugar. The tea is so flavorful, that it can be consumed by itself and still taste fantastic.

Chamomile: Sleep Aid

While not as potent as vervain, chamomile has similar properties, primarily acting as a sleep aid and improving digestion. Chamomile tea is readily available, and it’s not uncommon to find versions of it that include other flavors and herbs such as raspberry and pomegranate. It won’t knock you out, but taking it thirty minutes to an hour before bed eases your body to a restful state. I take chamomile as it is: no sugar, no cream. I enjoy the subtle taste, and I don’t want anything interfering with it working through my body.

Ginger: Stomach Aches

Ginger root is incredibly powerful towards reducing stomach aches. Whether in the form of candy, ale, or tea, the ginger will take affect within thirty minutes after it’s ingested. I recommend the tea form most because there will be minimal interference with digestion. Ginger tea is so robust that I have it as is, or with the slightest touch of honey. It’d taste weird with anything else added.

Green: Metabolism Booster and Cancer Fighting 

Likely, you’re familiar with green tea due to its recent surge in popularity. Most people enjoy that it increases your metabolic rate, but it’s also full of antioxidants, which act to prevent cancer. I drink green tea with a bit of honey because I find the raw taste a little too bitter for my tastes. That’s not the case with everyone, though. Many of my friends love it unflavored (and I’m hoping one day I’ll become accustomed to it, too).

Lemon: Sore throat

Lemon tea is kind of special. In order to really bring out its benefits, one should add honey to lemon tea. Together, they act to ease your sore throat. No sugar, no cream.

Mint: Stomach Aches

Like ginger, mint tea helps ease stomach aches. My favorite method of utilizing mint is actually topically, though peppermint oil. However, the tea itself is just as effective. Like ginger, I also have the tea as is, although I don’t add honey to it.





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