Yes, We Know You’re Fit

May 1, 2017

I live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy working out. If you’re reading this article, you likely do, too. And that’s great! With two thirds of American adults being overweight, being physically fit is a real achievement in this day and age. However, like with most accomplishments, it’s not necessary to rub it into people’s faces.

This seems like an odd thing to write considering my blog focuses on fitness and wellness, but hear me out. There’s nothing wrong with making numerous blog posts about your many 5ks, or posting a lot of pictures on social media of your ribbed abs. You worked hard for that, and are proud of that effort. The issue people have is when you actively talk about fitness, all the time, especially when it’s not the topic of discussion. I personally enjoy talking about fitness and health, and am willing to do so at all times. But, like in the case of vegans that come off as pretentious because of their constant preaching about the benefits of their lifestyle, us healthy people can come off as health snobs.

The key to these discussions is moderation. If the conversation is about fitness, food, or wellness, feel free to divulge into your heaps of knowledge to your heart’s content. I certainly do! But as I delve deeper into adulthood and mature more as a person, I find myself taking after my mother and the many sayings she told me as a child. The most important one here being to let your actions speak instead of your words. Rather than telling people you drink a cup of tea a day and go on multiple runs to improve your digestion, let those people see your actions instead. Curious people will ask why you drink tea so much. People who notice our muscular figures will ask about our workout routines. In short, if we lead by example, everyone will notice.

This isn’t to shame people who actively post about their fitness pursuits online, as I recognize the importance of posting on one’s personal progress as source of inspiration and motivation. Rather, this post is extended more towards real life conversations. I’d love to know your opinion on the whole thing as I feel like there may be some dissent on the issue at hand.




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