It’s Important to Make Your Workouts Count

May 27, 2017

It seems obvious to us that we should make each workout important, but what does that mean? When one becomes accustomed to working out, they may place less energy into each routine. I’m certainly guilty of it, but when doing an intense cardio workout from Fitness Blender–their videos are absolutely amazing and I highly recommend them to people who don’t like working out at the gym–Kelly said something along the lines of, “Come on, you need to make your workouts count!”

When fitness becomes part of one’s lifestyle, they may find themselves going through the motions rather than fully investing themselves into the routine. It’s important to remember that when working out, we take time out of our busy/otherwise sedentary days to give our bodies some love. No one wants halfhearted love. Sometimes that means you’ll do less reps, but take the time to properly execute each one. Maybe that means you’ll run one mile instead of two, but really focus on your technique and intensity. There’s no point to doing a 40 minute routine lazily, when you can do a 20 minute one that you put your all into.

Your mind and body feels the difference between a full-blown effort and a half-assed one, so make it count!




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