Not gaining Muscle? More Protein!

June 17, 2017

If you’re not achieving your desired muscular definition, take a good look at your diet. What are you usually eating? Even when eating healthily, it’s very possible that you’re not receiving enough protein to aid your body in muscle development. When lifting weights, for example, you’re creating micro tears in your muscle. The protein you consume heals those muscles back up, and makes them stronger and larger. Therefore, if you’re not getting enough protein, your muscle-building routines simply aren’t as effective.

I find that people don’t eat enough protein because they don’t know where else to get it, beyond meats and fish. Because of that, I’m listing some alternative sources of protein so that you can improve your diet and balance it out (grams of protein and serving size taken from Google search results).

  • peanut butter (2 tablespoons, 8g protein)
  • egg (6g protein per large egg)
  • soy milk (1 cup, 8g)
  • almonds (1 cup, 20g)
  • peanuts (1 cup, 38g)
  • baked beans (1 cup, 14g)
  • pinto beans, uncooked (1 cup, 41g)
  • kidney beans, uncooked (1 cup, 38g)
  • yogurt (varies, but at least 10g)

I hope this proves you helpful!




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