Lessons in 4C Hair


August 30, 2017,

Apologies for getting you so uncomfortably close to my face! This post is most relevant to people with type 4c hair, but I hope you can take something from it regardless of your hair texture!

Nearly 6 years ago, I made the decision to wear my hair naturally, IE without chemically processing (AKA perming or using the “creamy crack”, as it’s called) it. This was partially because I lost a lot of hair with a perm gone wrong, and partially because I always hated how much the white creams would burn my skin, the pain of the high heat on the drier, the incredibly expensive salon trips we technically couldn’t afford but still did, and the hours of my life wasted there.

It wasn’t easy at first. I faced a lot of animosity from my mother, especially. Although visibly black, I’m of mixed ethnicity (too many to list), and my mother is less mixed than myself and has more of the Syrian genes from her father (IE, hair less curlier than my own). She always told me hair is beauty, and more or less implied that my natural hair was ugly, that it needed fixing. This definitely dampened my self confidence, and it took years for me to not only come to terms with my hair’s texture, but to embrace it. And with that embracing came the trial and error of creating a proper hair routine that has lent incredibly growth over the course of this year.

This was a picture of myself I took early in January:


compared to the first image, it’s an insane change in terms of hair length, and I couldn’t be happier!

I’m going to share my hair routine and products I use, but that isn’t the point of this post. The point of this post is primarily for my 4c ladies out there to realize the trial and error that comes with our hair type, and for non-4c people who have unique problems of their own to continue to journey of finding out what works for you! With that aside, my routine.

  • I wash my hair once a week with SheaMoisture coconut & hibiscus shampoo and conditioner (thinking of switching to the castor oil line for the colder months, though!). I detangle with my fingers before showering, shampoo twice, and condition once
  • I deep condition my hair for 5+ minutes each week in the shower with the SM raw shea butter deep conditioner, and comb it through my hair
  • I pat my hair firmly, not rubbing harshly, until it’s no longer dripping, then apply the SM coconut, hibiscus, & neem oil curl enhancing smoothie, making sure to work it through the length of my hair
  • I apply the smoothie daily after hair wash day, making sure to get my hair a little wet before application as it really makes the product effective
  • When not outside and in the comfort of my home, I keep my hair tied up in a satin/silk scarf to avoid rubbing it against anything.

And that’s it!

This took me years to figure out, and I’m not ashamed to admit that! So if your hair isn’t doing well, research research research. It’s all a matter of trial and error.

I wish you the best!




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  1. Hi, I'm Emoijah! says:

    Hi! I’m so glad I read your post – very informative. As a newly natural – how would I know of my hair is 4c or 4b?


    1. Hi there!

      Glad you decided to go natural! The difference between type 4b and 4c hair is curl definition. Type 4b, although somewhat difficult to see, still has a curl pattern, though it might be a bit zig-zag like. Type 4c hair has absolutely no curl pattern, it looks entirely undefined without assistance from products. Most people don’t have just one hair type. The back of my head has 4b hair while the rest is 4c. Usually in type 4b hair, it looks like there is no definite curl pattern until you get to the end and see/feel the delicate curls. 4c has no such feeling.

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  2. alayshasw11 says:

    When i first went natural i hated my 4c hair. once i found what worked for me i fell in love

    Liked by 1 person

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